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Shuttle/Venue Map

Due to popular demand, we will be providing shuttle buses between all of the venues. Shuttles will be your basic, yellow school bus, so SIT DOWN AND BEHAVE! There will be two buses making the circuit so, if one stops to pick you up and is full, there will be another one soon behind. Please try and not be too rowdy.

Along with public parking, the 5th St. Yacht Club has graciously offered their large parking lot as the place to begin your evening.  Park at the Yacht Club, go in, have a drink or two, catch some bands and take the bus to other venues if the spirit moves you!  What could be easier?

Parking is available throughout the area, on the streets, in public lots or the 5th St. Yacht Club. Please respect the rights of others and those who live in the area. Do not block driveways or park too close to the corner. Streets in this area are not wide and with snow on the curbs, drivers should be careful with how they park.

Littering sucks. Save any trash or drink containers for the many garbage cans in the area.

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